Episode 2

How to Control Your Voice with Katie Gore


August 7th, 2019

20 mins 54 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

How to Control Your Voice with Katie Gore


Katie Gore: Founder and Director of speech IRL.

Inclusion Card: Speak Up


In the second episode of Meetings Done Right, we discuss the Speak Up card with Katie Gore of Speech IRL. Katie talks to us about speaking up, both in terms of what you can do physically to make your voice stand out and what you can do as a meeting leader to make sure that everybody is heard. Katie also shares her best and worst meeting stories and has a great tip for meeting facilitation.


00:14 - The Speak Up Card

01:25 - People Who Have Trouble Being Heard

04:16 - Advice to Improve Vocal Quality

06:07 - Making Sure Everyone is Heard as a Leader

08:36 - Remote Meeting and Setup Tips

11:58 - Being on the Receiving End of the Speak Up Card

14:14 - The Worst Meeting: Nobody Paid Attention to the Agenda

16:03 - The Best Meeting: Long Pauses In-Between Turns to Give Others a Chance to Speak

18:23 - Meeting Tip: Using Metacommentary