Episode 3

Storytelling and How to know your audience with Audrey Boyle


August 14th, 2019

19 mins 32 secs

Season 1

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Storytelling and How to know your audience With Audrey Boyle


Audrey Boyle: Comedian: Mom Funnies and college professor who teaches “Personal Branding and Social Media Marketing” at Forbes Business School.

Inclusion Card: Rabbit Hole, Tangent


In this episode of Meetings Done Right, Audrey Boyle helps us discuss tangents. Sometimes tangents are helpful, because they help teams form connections, but often they prevent important topics from being discusses. How can you tell the difference? We'll talk about techniques for managing tangents both with and without the Inclusion Meeting Cards, and Audrey tells a somewhat cringe-inducing worst meeting story.


02:13 - How to Tell Whether Someone is on a Good or Bad Tangent

05:16 - Brainstorming and Retrospectives

09:39 - Tangents and Remote Meetings

13:47 - Meeting Tip: Ask Open-Ended Questions and Setting the Foundation for “No Bad Answers”

14:49 - Good Meetings: Walking Meetings

15:24 - Bad Meetings: Not Setting an Agenda